Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello from Crouch End!

Hi everyone!

First of all a big thanks to Tilly for setting up this lovely blog, I've loved reading everyone's posts and seeing what you're all up to. I'm Carly and I have just started blogging at carly makes stuff. I'm new to both blogging and proper crafting (by which I mean actually finishing projects and making stuff for others).

I wanted to make my gifts this year for a few reasons, mostly because buying presents for people who don't actually need anything has started to feel a little hollow and I want to give something a little more special. Also, selfishly, when I make things for myself I tend to be lazy about finishing and will bodge in the ends because 'it's only me will see it' - if I'm making things for others this will force me to finish things properly and make me a better crafter! So, what will I be crafting this Christmas?
Apologies for the rubbish pic!
  • My newest craze is crochet, so a lot of people will be receiving crocheted goods, namely snoods (see right) and wristlets because they're easy and fast. I also want to make a lot of my own decorations this year, so I foresee many trips to John Lewis for red and white felt! I've been inspired by these snow globes.
  • I will be taking inspiration from Gifted magazine 
  • Just also had the idea of making my sister some sort of framed print/photograph involving scraps of material and scrabble letters...taken a few preliminary shots so watch this space... 
  • Fabric roses, inspired by Tilly's post above
  • I intend to make a lot of my Christmas decorations. I've already made a string of these crochet hearts in pink just because. :) Here they are on my fireplace:

(they need a bit of blocking!)

I'll be back with an update once I've made a bit of progress!

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