Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Parading The Pyjamas

I was struck by how many Christmas Crafters intended to make pyjama bottoms - and what a good present idea that was. So I ordered the Simplicity 2721 pattern and went down to Walthamstow market for some brushed cotton, that I bought at £1 a metre. Yes, you read that right. This fabric is cheap as chips, soft as marshmallow, warm as toast and strong as an ox! (Four similes in one sentence. I think that must be some sort of blogging record.)

These pyjama bottoms were easy-peasy to sew up. You could complete a project in an evening. I added a couple of extra touches.

Decorative stitching around the ankle hems:

And a very cute name tag/hanging loop, alongside the French seams:

I hope my sisters will be pleased with their presents. (I have one more pair to make.) Two pairs of personalised pyjama bottoms for a tenner, including the cost of the pattern. Not bad!

You can see my non-Christmas projects at Didyoumakethat?

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