Monday, November 1, 2010

crafty christmas zine & home decor

Hi again, it's Emily from seymour. While scouring the internet today, I found a really neat webzine from Creature Comforts called Gifted, all about Christmas gifts & decorating for the holidays. There are lots of fun looking tutorials/ craft ideas to get you inspired! A few of the holiday decorating projects reminded me of things I had made in years past, so I thought I'd share (not really gifts, but easy and fun!) :

For this snowflake mobile, I ripped strips of muslin and tied on white odds and ends; pom poms from leftover yarn, regular paper & vellum snowflakes and white metal belt buckles. The more eclectic the odds and ends, the more fun! I bent a wire hanger, wrapped it with muslin strips and tied everything on. There's a mobile in Gifted that's got snowflakes hanging from a piece of driftwood and it's beautiful!

Another project in the zine (candles in mason jars) reminded me of this cider jug light I made... but I can barely call it a project! If you're decorating a room with light strands and have a big long tail leftover, find a glass container to hold it- the lights look really pretty through the glass! 

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