Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Party dress present

Hoorah, I've made my first Christmas present!  It's a twirly whirly party dress for my three-year-old niece Hannah and although it's not a secret present (she knows about it and chose the fabric) it is made from scratch by me so I thought I'd share it here.    

This was my first attempt at making children’s clothes from a pattern (I used New Look 6881) and the whole process was a pleasure from start to finish (see my blog).  If you've got a few dressmaking skills, then a handmade piece of clothing for a little girl is a good idea for a present.  It's completely unique and was actually pretty cheap to make because you need so little fabric.  It cost £3.50 a metre for the flowery fabric and £1.50 a metre for the lining fabric, even the zip was half price!  I can't WAIT to see photos of her wearing it at Christmas!  

The whole making your own presents business is definitely good for the soul.  Every time I look at that cute little dress I get a big smile on my face. x

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