Sunday, October 23, 2011

Better get started soon...

Hello!  I'm Mimi and I blog over at Magpie Mimi, this is the second year I've done the CCC and I found it really useful to put a list out there to try and stick to so at least I could see what I achieved and I met some really fab people and found some new ideas!

So I've been thinking for a little while about what I want to make for Christmas presents but still haven't actually got making yet, but have started gathering materials so at least that's something.  I think I've learnt from last year's Crafty Christmas Club that although my ideas may be endless my time is not so trying to be kinder to myself this year!

My thoughts so far are:
  • To make chutney like last year and maybe some chocolates as have some funky chocolate moulds including one that's a moustache lollipop!  
  • I want to try my hand at a free child's vintage smock that I've had for ages but haven't printed out yet.  I've had it so long in fact I've forgotten where I found it.
  • I also need to make more bunting as there's been a new addition to the family since last Christmas and she needs her own bunting too!  
  • I'm going to make some patchwork cushions for two of my nieces as they're going to move to a new house soon and my sister has asked if I could match some funky curtains she's got for their new rooms so will try and personalise them as much as possible.  
  • As for my nephews I think I'll appliqué some t-shirts with cars on them. Other than that I have no idea!
  • Also thinking of doing some lavender hearts and birds and if I've still got time there may be some handbags made too.
Keeping things a bit more simple this year as will be making things mostly for my four nieces and two nephews and just a few easy bits for everyone else. It's not just a cost thing but a time thing as now I am selling the things I make at fairs and in an online shop I need to make sure I have enough stock for that too, so rather a busy time indeed!

The one thing about doing this is I have Christmas songs going round and round in my head..."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...da daa daaaa daa daaaaa..."  Try getting that out of your head! hehe!

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