Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Slightly More Organised Gift List

So after my very rough and ready ideas post a few weeks ago, i have now come up with a much more organised list! Quite possibly prompted by the only-2-months-to-go fear, I sat down today and wrote a list of the people i am planning to give gifts to this year, and worked out what i hope to make/buy for them. I realise that this kind of organised approach is probably the usual one for most people, but it helped me so much to have everything written down properly on paper rather than an abstract list in my head. Before the task of making any presents seemed so overwhelming that i was a little confused about where to start, but now i have a much better idea. Ahhh, Zen!

So my current list (which may change again as i realise how realistic it may or may not be) is:

- Knitting needle roll for my mum, probably based on Wendy's very helpful tutorial

- 2 or 3 scarfs, for the men-folk (Dad, Brother, Boyfriend) many have lamented on here, men are notoriously hard to craft for. I figure i can't go wrong with scarfs, right? I'm thinking a basic rib idea, i did see a pattern somewhere but if it doesn't turn up not the end of the world as i have a pretty good idea of how i would like them to look.

- A washbag for my Nana, probably a larger version of this little bag i made previously...

 ...only with some kind of waterproofed fabric/lining if i can figure out where to get this from!

- For some little people i know (both under 6 months) i am thinking baby quilts and perhaps also a patchwork toy as i fell in love with this one, both based on Cath Kidston patterns. I have this fabric for the quilts which i love, I'll probably mix it with pale blue polka dots.

- For another little person i need ideas...he is 2 yrs old so i think perhaps a bit old for a quilt? Any input welcome!

- Also a (somewhat manly!) apron for my boyfriend, who loves to cook

- For my two or three of my best friends i am thinking perhaps bags...something along the lines of a simple over-the-shoulder messenger bag. I have not looked at patterns yet so any ideas welcome :)

- A couple of small makes for crafty friends...i thought perhaps pin cushions or something along these lines

- For other friends, my boyfriends family and also probably for my family i would like to make some sweet treats. I love the idea of making Lebkuchen but I'm a little bit concerned that these might go off after a day or two, so i am also looking to make some goodies that will last for a few days so that i don't have to make them immediately before giving. I'm currently thinking fudge...flavours i am drawn to include Cherry and Coconut, Rum and Raisin, and how could i possibly resist the sound of Baileys and White Chocolate?

So that's that's the list! At the weekend i went on a course where i learnt to applique. I absolutely love my newest skill, as i think there are so many options for adding personal and unique touches. So expect to see this technique cropping up all over my Christmas makes!

That's all for now...hopefully the next time i post i will be able to report some progress on this rather long list...!

K xx

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