Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The List!

Big thanks to Tilly for re-igniting the Crafty Christmas Club this year.

Here is my list. I want to make...

Mum a Colette Sorbetto out of this pink bird fabric from my stash
The same 'tropical bird' Colette Sorbetto as I made for myself, for a friend
Some lavender and wheat heat pillows, like these
Loved Refugee Crafter's previous blog post and tutorial link to the laptop/ipad case idea for Mr
Couple of jar ingredient recipes for Toffee Blondies, using jam jars with decorated lids like this
Some zipper brooches for friends
Some Big pocket pants (trousers) for friends little boys

There has been a lot of procrastinating (I blame pinterest!), but not a lot of making yet, so I best get cracking

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