Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travel card tutorial

Hello again (guess who is enjoying a lazy half-term day?!)

After seeing how much Wendy has made already, I realised I needed to get making myself. I am going to make these for my brother, 2 cousins and my dad (maybe for friends) to keep their oyster cards and train tickets in.

You will need:
Small pieces of fabric
See-through plastic (old packaging or shower curtain-style plastic)
Bias binding
Sewing machine and thread

First make your pattern. For the main pattern I drew around 2 tickets on a piece of paper, with at least 0.5cm gap around (final measurement was 7.5cm by 21cm). For the pockets I drew a rectangle slightly bigger than a ticket (7.5cm by 9.5cm)

Next cut out fabric. Last time I made this I used a pvc covered fabric, but when I looked for remnants in John Lewis they had a transparent plastic so I am using this and regular fabric.
You will need a cover and lining cut from the big rectangle, and 2 pieces of plastic cut from the small rectangle.

Baste the lining and cover together (and transparent plastic if you are using it). You will need to sew slowly and help the plastic through carefully. I am ignoring the knots in the corner as they will be covered by the binding later.

Sew a strip of binding onto each plastic pocket. I pinned the binding next to the plastic to hold it in position. Depending on the plastic you are using, you may need to use a strong needle (I used leather needle last time, but didn't need anything for this plastic)

Lay the two pockets on the lining and attach the binding around the edge. When you've sewn the first side of the binding, round off the plastic corners, then finish the binding.

Voila! A travel card case. Now to make some novelty tickets (and railcard) to go inside..

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