Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Hello + 100 Handmade Stocking Fillers

Hello everyone! I'm Adele from Something Quite Lovely. I'm soo excited to be involved in Crafty Christmas Club and seeing what you've all been making has made me eager to get going. Alas, essays stand in the way of me and lots of glittery, crafty things. However, I can brain storm! I really, really need some help with this one though. I've got a million presents to make on a student budget ... and did I mention this is my first completely handmade Christmas? It'll be fiiiine. I hope!

Here's my list of people:

- Mum
- Dad
- Grandpa
- Uncle
- Sisters (in their 30's) + husbands*
- Nephews (15, 13, 11 and 5)
- Nieces (13 (going on 23), 4 and 1 1/2)
- I want some gifts for my girl friends too but not sure what yet.

* I'm either gonna do just my sisters or a sort of joint gift thing for each couple.

I can: sew (hand/machine (novice)), crochet, embroider, cook/bake etc

Any ideas would be much appreciated (only simple machine sewing ones please!)

I've also put together a list of my favourite 100 Handmade Stocking Fillers:



1. Oatmeal Cookie Mix
2. Snowman Soup
3. SQL Chocolate Brownies
4. Pancakes in a Jar
5. Homemade Caramel
6. Homemade Spice Rub
7. Nut Brittle Block
8. Personalised Coffee Blends
9. Homemade Irish Cream
10. DIY: Ice-cream Sundae Kit
11. Edible DNA
12. Peanut Butter Playdough
13. Homemade Cocktail Mixers
14. Homemade Cocktail Sugar
15. DIY Vanilla Extract
16. Texas Spice Rub
17. Easy Holiday Hot Chocolate
18. Hot Chocolate on a Stick
19. Homemade Fig Rolls
20. Chocolate Fudge

*For most of these recipes sterilised jars/bottles are required to minimise bacteria growth and prolong the life of the product. Some people boil their glass, but if you put your containers into the dishwasher on the hottest cycle and leave them in there until required, I find it works just as well. Don't forget: don't touch the inside of the glass with your bare hands after it's been sterilised or it's back in the dishwasher!*


21. Homemade Shaving Soap
22. Fabric Lanyard
23. iPad Case
24. Polaroid Magnets
25. Tool Roll
26. Tie
27. Crocheted Slippers
28. Paracord Bracelet/Watch Strap
29. iPod Cover
30. Crocheted Socks
31. Reinbeer (see what I did there?)
32. Tie Napkin
33. Monogrammed Cuff Links
34. Embossed Key Chain/Bookmark
35. Travel Organiser
36. BBQ Towel
37. Hobby/Travel Box Bag
38. ID Wallet
39. Monogram Mug
40. Domino Peppermint Creams (recipe link under pin)


41. Peppermint Cocoa
42. Adult Colouring Pages
43. Pretty Snood
44. Dry Erase Board
45. Coffee Mug Cozy
46. Cupcake Oven Mitt
47. Energy/Pampering/Refreshment in a Jar
48. (Unisex) Apron
49. Lemon Exfoliating Bath Salt
50. Triangle Coin Purse
51. Dish Towel Belt
52. Face Scrubbie
53. Paint brush/Pencil roll
54. Lip Balm
55. Jewelled Bookmark
56. Custom Lunch Tote
57. Glasses Case
58. Lace Cuff Bracelet
59. Doily Bowl
60. Washi Tape Magnets

Kids and Teens:

61. Anthropologie Knock-Off Bobby Pins
62. Personalised Button Canvas
63. Felt Earring Book
64. Lego Crayons
65. Re-Con Girly Dress
66. Charger Wall Pocket
67. DIY Bath Crayons
68. No-Sew Coloured Pencil Roll
69. Felt Fishing Set
70. Baby Flower Headband
71. Reverse Applique T-Shirt
72. Rhinestone Bracelet
73. Book Inspired Finger Puppets
74. Scrabble Coaster
75. Stuffed Turtle w/ Pattern
76. Button Print
77. Ruffle Onesie
78. Lion Stuffie
79. Easy Drawstring Bag Maybe filled with something lovely?
80. Zippered Dopp Kit
81. Monster Soap Saver
82. Monster Art Tote
83. Jelly Bean Bean Bag
84. Little Boy Tie
85. Fabric Alphabet Magnets
86. Tissue Holder
87. Embroidered Lunch Bag
88. Bunny Hat and Paw Mittens
89. Boys' Bow Tie
90. Water Bottle Carrier
91. Frame Purse
92. Gym Bag
93. Pillow Fight Shield
94. Tee Pillow
95. Felt Slippers
96. Girls' Tutu
97. Felt Board
98. Popsicle Soap
99. Monster Mittens
100. Hair Straighteners Pouch

Adele x

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