Thursday, October 27, 2011

Misty Monday Morning Kit ~ mittens & cowl knitting pattern

Hello again Christmas Crafters!  Greetings from Stitch me Softly...

Herewith a super easy and lightning quick knitting pattern - a winter warmer kit complete with mittens and matching cowl...  I had every intention to give this first set away as a gift, but since trying it on, no way jose!!  I am sooooo keeping it!  

Luckily though, for the other ladies I will be Christmassing with, this kit knits up so fast with Debbie Bliss' delicious Como yarn, which has been discontinued so you can get it for pretty cheap on ebay, so I'm sure I'll be churning out a few more!

So as not to take up acres of precious screen space with lines and lines of k2 p2 k2tog...knitting morse code blah blah blah, please see this post from my blog for the pattern.

Happy knitting!

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