Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snips and SNAILS!!

Hello, my name is Jennifer and my blog is Ohio Is My Dwelling Place.  Lately it's been all about birds...mostly owls.  I found the pattern for these cuties in an ancient magazine in the library archives, "Create & Decorate".  They were shown as shabby-chic in pastel floral, but I changed it up entirely and tried to make them in realistic owl colors.  I've also changed the stuffing from cotton batting to cedar chips (the kind used in dog beds!) and ta-da.........Closet Owls.
  I'm sure most of you have heard of Barn Owls, but these little guys "nest" in the dark recesses of one's closet and freshen the air with their cedar-chip filling.  I've given one to my mother already as an Autumn gift and suddenly I find myself with orders for 16 more!  Not a problem though, as I love owls.  Then my BFF from school called me with a request for SNAILS.  Yes, they are cute but I never imagined a school (her daughter's school to be specific) would use a snail as it's mascot.  "Go, Go Escargot!" is their school cheer.  So I scoured the Internet for freebie amigurumi patterns of snails and found this guy.  I don't know if I can part with him though.............those eyes! Now it's off to find some small cross-stitch motifs, a bit of polymer clay and maybe some beads and glitter to continue the snail-themed items.  All this must be completed and mailed off to my friend for the school's Christmas Bazaar in TWO WEEK!  No snail's pace for me.........................

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