Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Do List

I've not even started thinking about gifts, but given the general disaster of last Christmas (broken bone, hand in splint, parents snowed out, me snowed in) my crafty plans were completely scuppered. Plans that involved decorations. Lots and lots of.

So this year, I'm all about the decorations. I'll worry about presents in a month or so (I'm looking to you all for inspiration here please!). So here's a list of what I hope to make, for me and my home, this year:
  • Mini teddy's for the tree, based on my teddy tutorial from last year just miniaturised by the wonder of a photocopier
  • Front door wreath
  • Stockings for the fireplace
  • Felt stars for the Christmas tree
  • Napkins and table runner
  • Gingerbread house (although in the interests of full disclosure this is a kit from Ikea)
  • Christmas Cards for the street
  • Interesting wrapping papers
  • A flying goose to go with my flying pig
  • Christmas bunting (although I'm not sure what form that will take yet!)
  • Everything that Hobbycraft has on offer ;)
I'm sure that somewhere I've got a heap of other ideas and inspirational pictures (that, shame on me, I've not yet saved to Pinterest) so the list may go on a bit longer.

I also wanted to ask if anyone wanted to trade crafting their gifts this year? I'd love to give my nephew a handmade hat and mittens, but I can't knit worth a damn. I can, however, make lovely teddies, bags, toys and simple clothes. Would anyone be interested in swapping? Each of us would buy the materials for our own gift, but someone else would make it. Let me know if you're up for it.

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