Friday, October 14, 2011

Merry October, everyone!

I'm so excited to join this as it helps me see everyone's inspiring projects, AND gives me an outlet to talk about what I'm making different folks for Christmas. I keep wanting to type 'Halloween.' Christmas, christmas, christmas.

I am making a few things to decorate my new apartment, three major people's birthday gifts, and several Christmas gifts.

I actually took a cue from Giverslog and made a week-by-week plan to make sure I get everything done!

- Boyfriend: old-timey Texas flag
- Dad: Cookie-of-the-month Membership (cookies by me!)
- Mom: Scrub top and scrapbook ephemera about her dog, Gus (main star of her scrapbook now that us kids have all moved out).

- bro: Scarf or hat or both
- sis: re-furbished backpack, simple top
- mom: personalized scrapbook for her to fill in about her & my dad
- dad: a drawing of him and me for his desk
- boyfriend: cross-stitched pillow with a quail and prickly pear on the front


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