Sunday, October 23, 2011

First present finished!

Yay, I finished my first Christmas present! :) My friend Becky loves Twilight, so when I saw these mittens on Ravelry way back in June I knew I had to make them for Christmas (the pattern can be downloaded here). So here they are pre-blocking:
See how they curl a little at the top of the arm? They were also a little itchy which worried me. Luckily a nice soak in some 'Soak' wool wash sorted the itchiness and also helped them lay flat at the top :) Here they are after a day and half drying time!
There's only a slight difference, I think they look smoother and a bit neater. Also, I just realised the angle of the photo makes them look different sizes! They aren't, I checked just to make sure. 
The yarn is Drops Eskimo, and I used about 3 and a half balls. This yarn is excellent value and knits up really nicely, but definitely needs to be washed in a special wool wash or some mild conditioner to make it wearable.
So, there you have it. My first ever handmade Christmas gift!

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