Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lovely lip balms

I am so glad this blog exists as I can't tell anyone about my adventures last night without ruining the surprise for my friends/family.

Last night I went to the Make Lounge in Islington and did a natural bath and body course. I made over a page of detailed notes and think I now have the know-how to make some lovely little gifts. I have never been to the Make Lounge before, but it was really nice and fun - would definitely consider going to another course there.

We made (from left to right) sugar scrub, massage bars, lip balm and bath bombs with lots of essential oils to choose from. They were easier to make than I expected, just melting and mixing, and the hardest part was choosing the scents.

I am definitely going to make lots of lipbalms as little stocking fillers, and some sets of everything as bigger gifts (am imagining all the different ways I can wrap them up in ribbons :-) or little make-up bags), but I can't decide on what essential oils to buy. There were quite a few oils last night that half of us loved and half of us hated (some very reminiscent of cough syrup to me!)
I don't want to buy too many (I know what I am like with hoarding) and would prefer to only make a couple of 'flavours' - any suggestions what scents would be loved by all?

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