Monday, October 17, 2011

My Crafty Christmas List

Well hello there! Nice to see you all, my name is Katie and my little part of the blogosphere is called The Little Red Squirrel.

I'm a new member of the Crafty Christmas Club, I have never before participated in a handmade Christmas and I am so excited already, you guys have such good ideas, do forgive me if I pinch a few :) I've already got started with my Christmas making and I'm really happy with how much I've managed to get done, but the fact that Christmas is just 10 weeks away is still freaking me out a bit! Some serious crafting needs to be done!

Anyways, here is my To-Do-List thus far...

  • My Sweetheart - A knitted cricket vest (just finished today!)
  • My Mum - a fair isle scarf and gloves set
  • My Dad - a big chunky scarf
  • My Brother - a laptop case
  • Brother's girlfriend - a beret
  • My Nan - a lace scarf
  • Harriet, best gal pal - still undecided, but something knitted methinks!

That's as far as I've planned so far, but more things may appear on the list if I manage to get all these projects completed. Everyone else will probably end up with baked goods, I'm trying not to go totally overboard and stretch myself too thin!

Anyway, that's it from me for now, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what you're all planning too, let the crafting begin!

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