Saturday, October 15, 2011

My List

Firstly, a big Helloooo! to all fellow crafters and Christmas aficionados, and secondly, a huge thank you to the lovely Tilly for dreaming this up and making it happen.

I'm Elisalex of Stitch me Softly... Fairly new to blogging but no stranger to creative DIY; I was wondering how I would go about keeping my Christmas crafting secret, while also wanting to share it on my blog... So I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this network, not only to share my ideas and preparations and absorb the collective inspiration, but also allowing me to unashamedly express my excitement about the coming 9 weeks of pre-Christmas festivities!  (Anyone else notice how non-crafters think it's crazy to be getting excited about C-day mid October?  What they don't realise is the time that goes into a handmade holiday...)

So, without further ado, my To Do:

  • embroidery hoop tree ornaments (that will also double up as little gifts) along the lines of this:
  • crochet snowflakes, (endless patterns here) and this year I will starch them to keep their shape.
  • a wreath.  I've never had a wreath, let alone made one, but having seen some beautiful not-so-traditional wreaths, I'm feeling compelled to get involved.

  • stockings.  I made a fairisle one last year for my son, and I can't deny I felt a little jealous on Christmas morning!  So this year I'll be making a couple more chunky cabled stockings like this:


  • Christmas Breakfast Buns from Xanthe Milton's Eat Me.  Beyond delicious.
The Christmas Present List is soon to come... Just need to wrap up some Autumnal projects before I completely immerse myself into all things Christmas!  Until the next time, over and out.

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