Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello! Plus my crafty Chistmas plans

Hi, I'm Laura and I blog over at Laura: in a tangle

This year I plan to make quite a few gifts if possible.  All fairly small though.

I've made a few metal framed purses before like these:

But want to make some smaller coin purses in fun quilting fabric for a few friends, following a tutorial in an old issue of Cloth Magazine.

I was also thinking of making a yoyo necklace for my Mum.

I want to try this cool pom-pom snood/cowl tutorial over at the Purl Bee (this may be a present to myself in the end).

I also need your help and suggestions for a few things.

I want to make a Kindle cover for my step mum.  Does anyone know where I can get a good pattern or tutorial for this?

Also does anyone have any ideas for handmade gifts for men? Preferably sewn as I can't knit.

I'm also planning on doing some cool decoration / ornament related tutorials to share with you.

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