Friday, October 28, 2011

Cuben Fiber Bags

Hello you all! I am bit late in introducing myself : I am CarmencitaB, I blog, tweet and FB under the same name and I make my gifts which you saw here last year.
Those who know me know I am quite the procrastinator and I usually make the same gifts for everyone so I am gearing up to use some Cuben Fiber sailcloth Mr C brought me for recycling purposes and some thrifted polyester check. I made some mock ups last weekend and some more ideas are bubbling up under the hood which I'll be exposing here. I think a zippered version of the small bag on the right would make an excellent travel make up toileteries thingy bob pouch that my nieces could use as a handbag. Now I have to think up what 'll be doing for the boys.

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