Monday, October 17, 2011

My Totally Achievable Christmas Crafty List (Fingers Crossed)

Hi everyone!  I’m Lindsay and I blog at Lindsay Pindsay.  I just learned about Crafty Christmas Club last week and I am so excited to see what everyone is making for the holidays.  Hopefully you all won’t inspire me to pile more projects onto my list!

Here is what I have planned:

Each year my husband and I print calendars that feature photos from our adventures during the year.  This year’s calendar will feature photos from our recent roadtrip out west to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.  I’ve been recapping our 23-day trip if you want to check out our adventures.  This picture of the Grand Prismatic Spring will most likely make the cut.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Explorer Vest from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book for my nephew.  Our little guy is turning 5 in February and I thought it was time that he had something official to wear on his excursions.  Isn’t it adorable?  I’m so excited to start it.

Image Source

I’ve been commissioned to make a personalized superhero cape for my sister’s nephew, much like the three that I’ve made for my nephew and a couple of cousins.  Kids these days are nuts for Lightning McQueen!

Superhero Capes

I’m using the leftover fabric from a set of potholders that I made my mom last year and making a tea cozy for the host of our annual cookie exchange, who always makes an array of different flavored teas for the event.

Last year I made peppermint soap for my co-workers and they have been talking about it ever since, some begging me for more.  I used the recipe from How to Make Soap: Without Burning Your Face Off by Raleigh Briggs which includes peppermint and basil essential oils and sand for exfoliation.  I’ll be making it again since it’s a pretty easy gift to put together for the 35 people in my department.  I know, I’m nuts for making a small gift for each of them, but I just love to spread the holiday cheer!  Last year I wrapped up each bar in plastic wrap and kraft paper and delivered them with a holiday card from the American Cancer Society.  Store-bought holiday cards aren’t in this year’s budget, so I’m going to try and find a way to incorporate the “card” into how I wrap up the soap.  Suggestions are welcome!

Making Soap

I’m whipping up tissue holders as stocking stuffers for all of the stockings that I will have access to on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning (the total is 15 in case you were wondering).  Last year I made reusable bags using this adorable Jay McCarroll fabric.  This year I’m using the leftover fabric to make the tissue holders using the JCasa pattern on Sew Mama Sew

Image Source

Lastly, my mom’s birthday is December 28th and this year I’m making her a quilt.  I ordered the City Green quilt kit from Mad About Patchwork to help me out with all of that cutting!  This is the second quilt that I have planned to make in the next few months (the other is a baby quilt for a baby that will arrive any minute!), so I’m a little worried that this won’t get finished until January.  

Image Source

I started the tissue packets yesterday and have promised myself (and my husband) that I won’t work on any other projects until all of the gifts are finished to avoid crazy last-minute sewing marathons.  My fingers are crossed that I finish everything in time!

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